Why a home loan pre-qualification makes sense

Buying a property is most likely the largest investment one will ever make.

Get a formal indication of the home loan you can qualify for. Avoid the stressful time waiting for the final home loan approval.

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Here are 8 reasons why a home loan pre-qualification makes sense.

Impress the seller

If you have done your homework in advance, a property seller is more likely to sell his property to a buyer who has pre-arranged his finances to secure the deal.

Be on par with a cash buyer

Face the facts, “cash is king” and a pre-qualification gives the seller comfort close to a cash buyer when multiple offers are submitted.

Close the deal

Know your purchase power and negotiate more assertive. If your offer is subject to still “finding out how much you can qualify for”, the seller may select a more secure offer.

Improve the speed

Do all the paperwork in advance and improve the speed of your final home loan application. The shorter your final home loan application period, the stronger your negotiation power.

Save thousands

Know your home loan prequalification amount in advance, based on your credit score and affordability. Negotiate a better interest rate with a lender, saving you thousands of Rands.

Avoid losing your dream home

A home loan prequalification provides comfort to seller when selecting which offer to select,

Avoid disappointment

If you know your home loan affordability, you improve your chances for the final home loan approval. Statistically more than 75 % of prequalified home loans are finally approved by the lenders, compared to less that 50 % for non-prequalified buyers.

Free & online service

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