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The My Bond Fitness service allows you, the aspiring homebuyer to speed up your home loan application process by getting you an instant pre-qualification report in 4 simple steps.

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4 Simple Steps To Own Your Home Fast


The My Bond Fitness online application process allows homebuyers to undergo comprehensive financial analyses in just a few minutes.

The entire process, which is quick, safe and transparent, will instantly give you:


Your Comprehensive Credit Report

  • Know your credit worthiness
  • Update your latest information
  • Remove any negative information


Your Required Affordability An How To Improve It

  • Know your current buying power
  • See your financial shortfalls
  • Restructure your budget


Your Pre-Qualified Buying Amount

  • Know your maximum buying term
  • Get a pre-defined interest rate
  • Understand the monthly costs (Bond Repayments, Rates, Taxes, Insurance)


Your Budget And Cash flow Analyses

  • Get a new budget plan
  • Manage your cash flow accordingly
  • Find ways to save in the interim

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why My Bond Fitness?


  • Buy your property now at a fixed price.
  • Rent your home for the option period whilst enjoying the benefits of occupying it.
  • Assists a prospective buyer to restore his or her good credit rating and prove affordability over a period of time.
  • Save for a deposit and build up an affordability track record.
  • Apply for a bond before your rental term expires.
  • Receive Home Ownership Education, an easy to understand 6-step programme.

Only if youre desperate to buy the property. Perhaps first improve your credit score and affordability so that you can negotiate a better bond rate. Our calculations show that a 2% higher interest rate can cost you up to 32% more for your property in the long run. 

The bank will assess your risk profile, which is based on your credit score and affordability. From this information, the bank will then work out what the interest rate will be.

If you are pre-qualified you will know what you can afford and most likely be able to negotiate a better interest rate with the bank.

We suggest that you pre-check your purchase power rather than submitting your home loan application to multiple banks as each time you apply a new credit check will be done by the banks. Remember that too many credit checks may damage your credit score.

 The security questions on My Bond Fitness are supplied by the credit bureau to make sure you are indeed who you say you are. This is to safeguard your profile and prevent fraud prior to accessing your credit report. We dont have access to your answers as this is handled by the bureau itself. You have 2 attempts to get the answers right, if you fail these attempts you can try again 24 hours later.

People Who Benefited From My Bond Fitness

“Hi Verna. Thank you so much for the all the help, we are so happy to be home owners finally yippee!”

Marchalene L, Cape Town

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“If I were to ever buy again I would start the credit checking and bond process 3 months before I actually wanted to buy a house and make sure I was fully prepared for it.”

Deon Le Grange, Braamfontein

image 2

“No one wanted to answer all the questions I had about the home buying process, the banks were no help to me at all either. It seemed that everyone just wanted me to make the decision to buy a house without giving me any information. Housing education helped.”

Diana Dlamini, Milnerton

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“I will recommend My Bond Fitness. No more paperwork, bank statements, faxing and completing forms. It took me under 5 minutes to go through the whole process. Thank you, thank you!”

Megan Kerney, Durban

Have Bad Debt? Consolidate Your Debt Without More Credit


Voluntary debt settlement is a new way to consolidate your debt payments with all your creditors in tough times. You can pay less on your monthly instalments until your head is above water again and in the process re-build your credit score and debt payment profile with the credit bureau’s. The best thing is that you will not undergo a legal process like with Debt Review, Debt Administration Or Sequestration.

We Offer 4 Steps To Take Control Of  Your Debt:


We analyse your debt payments and monthly budget


Give guidance on which debts to pay first that will build your score


All re-payment arrangements are made directly with your creditors


We will help you to get your credit report improved, working with our dedicated team

As part of our services practices, all My Bond Fitness clients declined for new credit or debt consolidation loans as a result of debt payments in arrears, judgments listed on their credit report or any other negative information, can now access a consultation with our debt management partners to review their debt situation.

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