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Be Prepared with Our First Time Home Buyer Programs

One simply cannot put a price on knowledge. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, a current property owner or just someone who wants to learn more about investing in the property, our Home Ownership Education workshops are a must.


The first workshop is scheduled to take place in Cape Town on the 18th of April this year, and will involve some of the biggest names in property. Talks by Neale Petersen, the founding editor and publisher of Real Estate Investor Magazine, Vangile Makwakwa, Author of “Heart, Mind & Money: Using Emotional Intelligence with Money”, are but a few of the inspirational speakers you can look forward to seeing at our first informative workshop.

[blockquote cite=”Meyer de Waal, convenor of the home Ownership Education Team” type=”left, center, right”]They will teach you how to leverage your money successfully using bank funding, and tenants to help pay off your bond.[/blockquote]

For more information on the workshops and the background of all the speakers at the workshop, please click here.


The first course will focus on the first time home buyer and will inform you on all the do’s and don’ts of buying your very first property, such as:

How to:

  • Go about buying your own home
  • Get out of debt
  • Make use of, and apply for, the available Government subsidies
  • Save thousands when you buy your own home
  • Prepare yourself, your budget and your credit profile to apply for a home loan
  • Use our tools to manage your budget
  • Calculate the extra costs that you have to pay to buy a property – transfer costs, bond registration costs and bank administration costs
  • Do a due diligence on the house that you want to buy – before you buy


Attending the workshop will also entitle you to extras to the value of R1500, including:

  • A 6-module e-guide on how to buy your own home
  • A 10% discount for your FLISP administration fee
  • A tool to create and manage your budget
  • A Personalised Credit Report
  • Access to our latest software to check your actual purchase power, combined with your affordability
  • A subscription to the social media network of our expert panel
  • Once you have bought your new home and taken transfer, you will also receive our 24-month guide (The A – Z Guide) on how to own your own home


The workshops are not only aimed that pre-financed first time home buyers but also at those who might need debt restructuring and credit profile improvement. Individual and private consultations with specialised debt restructure experts can be arranged, and will provide the prospective buyer with all the information they might need to be approved for a home loan.

 If you wish to sign up for any of our exciting workshops, please click here.


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